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Katinas – It´s Real



Do you ever wonder what’s reality?
can you believe in something you can’t see?
is it just an emotional roller coaster fantasy?
i remember those were questions of my own
till i made my heart his home (home)
now i speak the truth of a miracle
i’v been saved by love that’s tangible
(and i know that it’s real)

ain’t no doubt about it
so real
i know i’ve gotta have it
the spirit lives in my soul
i want my life to show
(that it’s real)
ain’t no doubt about it
so real
i can’t live without it
it’s in my heart
i want the world to know
(know that it’s real)
(so real)

Do you want it?
you can have it for yourself
gotta believe
trust him and you will achieve
anything is possible
there is nothing you can’t do
once you open up your heart and let him in
he will never let you go
oh no, no
he can turn your darkest night into a brighter day
and give you life
he’s the only way
(oh i know that he’s real)

(i know that he’s real)

it’s real, it’s real within my soul
so real i want the world to know
not by my power or by might
but by my spirit says the lord

every time i close my eyes i feel the spirit always near
if the lord is for me tell me who then shall i fear
(who shall i fear)
(i know that it’s real)
i know that it’s real



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